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Feb 08th
Home | Living Words July 2007 | A word from Wayne
A Word from Wayne PDF Print E-mail
Welcome to another issue of Living Words. Is Bible translation quicker and easier because of Information Technology (IT) and computers? Absolutely! The follow up question often asked is “I have IT skills, how and where can I get involved?” This issue of Living Words focusses on some of the ways computers and IT are being used and the opportunities to be part of our mission “to see the scriptures made available through Bible translation to all peoples in the language they know best”.

God’s heart moves amongst us for His purposes to reach the minority people groups in this world, until the great day when we see the consummation of this as told in the Book of Revelation Ch 7 vs 9:

Revelation 7 v9


As at October 2006 the latest statistics tell us there are still 2286 languages with NO translation programme under way. On the positive side there are currently 1941 languages with work taking place for people that have NO scripture in their own language to hear or to read. So if we, the worldwide church, can a little more than double our efforts, then every people group will have access to God's word and the opportunity to be around the throne of God. I am sure of that because the Bible available in the heart language always produces positive response towards our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!!


Wayne Freeman
Wycliffe Bible Translators NZ Director



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